Champion Green | Jill & Gill Pop up on the High Street

Championing Green on Stephen’s Green!


We thought we were pretty lucky to find a new studio and office space at the end of lockdown on beautiful Francis Street back in July 2020. To be honest, we'd actually just about given up hope on finding a sense of place for the Jill & Gill brand in Dublin altogether. But, after only moving in a month ago we now find ourselves opening a bricks-and-mortar store right on St. Stephens Green with the backing of Aviva Life, Champion Green and Kilkenny Group.

Aviva Life and Pensions Ireland DAC are the latest corporate to come on board Champion Green, working to support small local businesses and start-ups, and to encourage consumer support for local producers and services providers. The property team at Aviva have committed to providing short-term, vacant retail space in prime locations to start-ups and local producers who are looking to establish a retail presence for their brand or business.
Award-winning Irish design brand, Jill & Gill is first to be allocated a short-term licence for a pop-up shop in Dublin city centre. Located at 5 St. Stephens Green, at the junction of St.Stephens Green and Grafton Street, the 399 sq.m. retail unit will allow the design duo to showcase and sell their bold and colourful fashion and homeware collection.

Jill Deering of Jill &Gill said: “The brand’s very own pop-up store on St. Stephens Green is an incredible and exciting opportunity for our business. We are very grateful to Aviva and to all the organisations and consumers that have bought into Champion Green so wholeheartedly. We are delighted to bring our creative offering right into the heart of Dublin’s shopping district for visitors to enjoy.

The fine art, fashion and design creatives already operate their studio on Francis Street in Dublin. Opening a retail outlet was always an ambition for them, but the impact of Covid-19 on business had made that an unlikely prospect until Aviva joined forces with Champion Green. “To have this chance for people to see what a small Irish business can do excites us so much”, Gillian Henderson said. “We want to showcase our skills and passion for modern, handmade Irish products. Through this store we can give a sense of the value and satisfaction of investing
in local design that is meaningful and impactful and created with passion”.