GCN Magazine

GCN Magazine, April 2018

GCN magazine commissioned Jill & Gill to create a limited edition ‘Boss Lady’ t-shirt for their 30th anniversary which would was exclusive to GCN subscribers. We hand printed a limited edition of 100 t-shirts featuring Boss Lady Michelle Visage.

“For this Boss Lady, we chose a woman who triumphs in the face of diversity, stands up and shouts at the top of her lungs for the LGBT+ community, has brought queer rights to the forefront of mainstream culture and more recently into every home in Ireland via Ireland’s Got Talent. She’s a ball-breaker on RuPaul’s Drag Race which we love her for!”


“Jill & Gill is an exciting and super talented duo and we’ve been in awe of them since they first burst onto the scene in 2015! They are strong advocates for the power of a good collaboration so when we wanted to offer an exclusive piece of apparel as part of our brand new subscription service we were delighted that J&G kindly offered to collaborate and donate their second instalment of the Boss Lady series to help us celebrate 30 years of GCN.”