Roe & Co

Gift shop apparel commission, 2019

Now, decades after the Roe distillery finally closed its gates, Irish whiskey is on the cusp of another golden age. Today there is a resurgence of interest in Irish Whiskey and the Thomas Street area is once again becoming a vibrant hub of brewing and distilling in Dublin. Roe & Co will be at the heart of this new vibrancy, celebrating the memory of George Roe, a true pioneer who helped build the original golden era of Irish whiskey.

Roe & Co is a new contemporary blend, named to honour the memory of a whiskey-maker whose distillery was in its time the largest in Ireland.

Jill & Gill were commissioned by Roe & Co to design and print a limited run of sweaters and t-shirts for their new distillery gift shop. Inspired by the creativity and regeneration of Dublin 8, we created a bespoke illustration that blended key elements from the distillery and surrounding area. Incorporating the iconic architectural landmark that is the ‘Power Station’ with elements from the historic area that makes up Dublin’s Liberties along with a nod to the River Liffey which flows through the heart of the city and unique decorative features from within the distillery itself, all combined to make up this unique design which was hand printed onto ethically sourced garments by Jill & Gill.