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Original Katie Taylor Print - Framed


‘Boundless Radicals’ inspiring, strong, passionate, unique, and visionary women. 
Advocates across politics, climate, design, art, and sport. Women of action and change, the driving force behind why you and I can aspire to be who we want to be. 

Katie Taylor

Sporting icon, 2 weight world champion, Olympian. Credited with raising the profile of women's boxing at home and abroad, Olympic gold medal in the lightweight division, she is regarded as the outstanding Irish athlete of her generation. Katie is a woman of victory, a dominant force, and a trailblazer in the sporting world. 

Product Info:
Original Piece, 1 of 1.
The image has been hand-drawn and screen printed across a multitude of mediums and hand embellishments creating a vibrant and colourful unique original piece by Jill & Gill

Year: 2019
Collection: 25 individual pieces

The artwork comes flat and can be delivered or shipped, please email or add a note when ordering this piece online. 

Framing guidelines
We recommend framing the original piece with a bespoke picture framer. 
This way you can be sure the frame and print will last you a lifetime. 
How you frame your print is your choice but we always love to see the pieces hanging so please share your photos with us @jillandgill on all social platforms.

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