Jill & Gill

Iconic Bomber | Hero piece 2019

Jill & Gill X Worthy Design Studio

Iconic bomber

Iconic Bomber

The bespoke limited edition bomber jacket is bold, graphic and obsessive in its creation, with each printed section carefully selected, hand cut and sewn to create a one of a kind piece.

This collaboration is a celebration of print, illustration, pattern and style. 

Inspired by contemporary Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. Back to what inspires us, Yayoi is an incredible artist and boss lady. She turned 90 years old this year, her career spans 70 years and her creativity is what has always kept her going. Rather then continue on from last year adding new boss ladies to the collection we wanted to push ourselves in a directions and focus on print.  We saw this as a chance to start blurring what we do as fine artists within our apparel collection. Introducing more colour, layers and texture to our wearable pieces. The Ready to wear collection is a direct response to our 'Iconic Bomber', our Hero piece and the artwork for the ready to wear collection comes from the layers of print created while printing the organic japanese denim for the bombers. In other words the collection is process driven rather then designed and then created. 

The new collection is bold, graphic and obsessive in its aesthetic with slight references to Kusama throughout.


When we were asked by Edmund Shannagh to take part in Arc Fashion show in the RDS, our first reaction to that was "we're not fashion designers!" but his response was, "well you are designers, so think outside the box" so we did. That was the start of the idea of the Iconic Bomber and our collaboration with Worthy Design. It was back last summer where we met with Gilly and started talking about the idea for the design and how this bomber was going to look and fit. We wanted to source organic denim and print a vibrant pattern that would take over the fabric, so when it came to Worth Design cutting it up, it didn't matter where the lines met it, the design would work which ever way and it also meant that every jacket made would be slightly different. In hindsight this one size Iconic Bomber turned out better then we could have ever imagined and it was down to our collaboration with Worthy Design studio. Gillys expertise and knowledge wasn’t just in pattern design, she taught us so much in terms of what way we should be printing the fabric down to how to maximise the rolls of fabric so there wouldn't be any waste. This project once again just proved that collaboration brings skills and ideas to the next level. We're so excited to work with her again on the next iconic Jill & Gill piece.

The ‘Iconic Bomber’ was showcased and for sale as part of CREATE 19 in Brown Thomas Dublin