Jill & Gill


Iris Apfel Collection | Fine art show


In celebration of our first birthday in business together, we launched our first solo show. The exhibition saw the design and creation of 25 unique screen printed artworks, featuring the unmistakable face of Iris Apfel, to embody her colourful style. Each limited-edition piece has been printed on 300gsm cotton paper, with each layer of the image screen-printed in a multitude of finishes and hand embellishments, informed by her eclectic permutations of designer clothing and exotic accessories. Each print contains at least 15-20 layers of colour, different patterns and the only thing that has continuity in every print is the Iris illustration. We are going against the grain of screen printing – instead of it being an edition of 25, it will be a collection of 25. Each print is completely bespoke, no two are the same.


We’ve got two framed Iris prints (originals) available for sale, one of them is featured below please contact us directly for more information. hello@jillandgill.com