Jill and Gill

Original Greta Thunberg Print - Framed


‘Boundless Radicals’ inspiring, strong, passionate, unique, and visionary women. 
Advocates across politics, climate, design, art, and sport. Women of action and change, the driving force behind why you and I can aspire to be who we want to be. 

Great Thunberg

Advocate, activist, and inspiration to so many young people across the globe. Greta has created a revolution and has become a great catalyst for climate change.

Product Info:
Original Piece, 1 of 1.
Paper is made by hand by Jill & Gill in their studio out of old paper waste and 100% organic cotton material. The image has been hand-drawn and screen printing by Jill & Gill onto the delicate hand made paper. 

Year: 2019
Collection: 25 individual pieces

The artwork comes flat and can be delivered or shipped, please email or add a note when ordering this piece online. 

Framing guidelines
We recommend framing the original piece with a bespoke picture framer. 
This way you can be sure the frame and print will last you a lifetime. 
How you frame your print is your choice but we always love to see the pieces hanging so please share your photos with us @jillandgill on all social platforms.

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