Jill & Gill

REPEAL Print | 2016

Art done well, reflects societal issues, good and bad. This print illustrated and screen printed by hand it is our way of contributing to the pro-choice campaign in the best way we know how. It is our way of speaking out; visually, creatively and with conviction.We intend to raise awareness of the thousands of women shamed into silence by a country that turns its head to their pain on a daily basis. The 8th amendment affects every woman, single, married, gay, straight, young and old. Jill and Gill stand for equality, change and women’s rights; the right to free, safe and legal abortion in Ireland is central to their ethic. This print grew from a conversation between Jill and Gill and how they as women feel about the 8th Amendment. We encourage everyone to talk openly on this issue with their friends and family. To de-stigmatise, normalise and remove the shame surrounding the issue, we need to tell our stories.


We would like to thank Anna Cosgrave from REPEAL Project for collaborating with us on the print. Her support and direction has been inspiring and her passion to Repeal the 8th amendment has brought visibility to a silent problem. We are proud to stand alongside you Anna, this is only the beginning. 

Our project was inspired by Brendan Courtney's initial Instagram post; his hands as the figure 8. Brendan, thank you, we are honoured to have your support and know how passionate you are about the pro-choice movement.